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Jason Bainbridge jaseone at myrealbox.com
Sat Jan 25 02:27:00 UTC 2003

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On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 23:59, Christoph Cullmann wrote:

> For the You are here we only need one more var to specify how the root menu
> should be named and to allow that the currently used page name is added at
> the end, should I do that or do you want ?

I'll have a look at thatell I see someone has put in the KDE Homepage bit but 
not the current page, so I'll look at that bit.

> > Does the title graphic for everyone actually work though? 
> Works with current CVS konqui and the standard mozilla from debian unstable
> here.

Now works after an update of kde-www from CVS this morning. :)

> > Also can we move the search box to the left? Then the default selection
> > in the dropdown can change relative to the content site currently being
> > viewed. Personally I think the Search should be at the bottom as well as
> > the menu should be structured well enough so the user can find what they
> > want without having to search and searching should hence be a last
> > resort.

Any comments on this???

> > Another random thought, do we do anything smart with the RDF files at the
> > moment like caching the html after we generate it or do we generate it
> > with each hit? If we cache it we can also build it so if the file is
> > corrupted or blank then we still keep the old news and avoid displaying
> > those annoying errors. I'll have a look at this and if we don't already
> > I'll put something together.
> Atm we read it again and again, like the old page did, caching would be
> nice ;)

Actually the old page is generated something like daily with a cron job not on 
every hit, but either way I will look at doing this by the end of today.

In Konqueror CVS though the left and right nav bars are a few pixels too high 
and look messy as they merge into the blue bar above there is a similar 
problem with below and to the left of the date at the top. I'm guessing th 
CSS just needs to be tweaked to fix these. I can take screenshots if need be.

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