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[Andreas Pour]
> Well there has been some change since I last wrote, thanks, it now
> displays the CSS in 3.0.1.


> > It looks as if the stylesheet was completely ignored, which is odd,
> > since even Netscape 4.79 loads the stylesheet (if javascript and
> > stylesheets are enabled).
> Why JavaScript is needed?  That may have been the problem in my
> Konqueror.

No, it's a just bug in Netscape 4.x. It always ignores CSS if JavaScript 
is disabled. That has nothing to do with Konqueror problem.

> > The new web site _can_ actually be viewed and navigated quite easily
> > with any browser, whereas the old web site was really completely
> > inaccessable on some browsers - try browsing the old and the new web
> > site in lynx, for example.
> Well it is quite a bit better but I presume fewer people use Lynx than
> Netscape 4.7x.  You could also fix this problem with the old design
> simply by checking the browser string and including the navigation box
> in the footer rather than the header if it is Lynx.

It's not only about Lynx, it is about web site accessibility and screen 
readers in general. Lynx is just an example.

> Sure, I am not trying to take away from that.  I just want to avoid the
> general hugely negative press we will get if becomes "2003 and
> later" browser-compatible.  A solution might be to have two different
> "" and "" depending on the level of XHTML / CSS
> support of the browser.

The only problem left seems to be Netscape 4. Maybe we could check for 


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