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[Andreas Pour]
> The site does not work with KDE 3.0.

Which exactly is the version of Konqueror you have tested?

It now displays fine in KDE 3.0.5, and on all other browsers I have tested 
(Opera, Mozilla, lynx, ...), except Netscape 4.

> Compare (
> with the prior
> (

It looks as if the stylesheet was completely ignored, which is odd, since 
even Netscape 4.79 loads the stylesheet (if javascript and stylesheets 
are enabled).

Any idea what might cause Konqueror to completely ignore a stylesheet?

Andreas, I hope you can come up with a workaround for this Konqueror bug. 
It is not a problem in the web site, which displays fine on KDE 3.0.5, it 
must be a specific bug in the version you are using.

> I would point out that the goal of standards, while very laudable, is
> not an end in itself.  The reason to comply with standards is so
> everyone can access the site.

The new web site _can_ actually be viewed and navigated quite easily with 
any browser, whereas the old web site was really completely inaccessable 
on some browsers - try browsing the old and the new web site in lynx, for 

> That is not the case if you exclusively rely (with no backup) on
> features only available in the very latest releases of browsers.

The error is not caused by an unsupported feature. It is caused by a 
really odd bug in Konqueror for which we need a work-around.

Apart from this strange, unexpected and unpredictable bug in the Konqueror 
version you are using, and apart from generally broken CSS support in 
Netscape 4, the new web design is really good work. I hope someone will 
find the reason for this strange behaviour of Konqueror 3.0. Otherwise it 
will be impossible to write a work-around.


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