Andreas Pour pour at
Fri Jan 24 19:40:30 UTC 2003


The site does not work with KDE 3.0.  Compare
( with the prior (

What browsers are the developers testing the designs with, BTW?  I mean there
are still people using Netscape 4.x, and while the site for them may not have
all the bells and whistles, it should not scream "go away" like wwwtesting does

I would point out that the goal of standards, while very laudable, is not an end
in itself.  The reason to comply with standards is so everyone can access the
site.   That is not the case if you exclusively rely (with no backup) on
features only available in the very latest releases of browsers.



Richard Moore wrote:
> Just a note that this looks bad in IE6:
> - The light blue box containing the bullets for 'inform' overlaps the
> dark blue box.
> - The dark box containing inform doesn't match the height of the one on
> the RHS containing Search.
> - There is a huge gap between title and their items in the box on the
> right hand side.
> - The padding around the the central text column seems excessive.
> - The news items seem to be indented too far.
> - The applications table at the bottom seems very messed up - is this
> really correct?
> - IE thinks there is an error at line 22 char 2, W3C validator is happy
> though.
> Any replies to my rich at address please, as this is my work account.
> Cheers
> Rich.

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