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there were some mails about the question why the page is broken in Netscape 
4.x and Konqueror 3.0.x (is it really broken there ? don't have it I must 
say, but my friends from university got no problems with their konqui 3.0.x 
from suse to view the page).

The possible reason is: We use CSS and valid XHTML.

What should we do ? Try to work around each buggy browser or provide a clean 
and validating page ? The Netscape 4 problems may be addressed in the next 
code review by Sebastian, but we won't introduce code that make Netscape work 
and break the validation. You can't get a valid page with good code, which 
approves for the accessibility stuff and all that AND a page that can handle 
each and every old broken browser.

I don't like the Netscape 4 breakage, too, as I have to use that browser from 
university most time (now they have there mozilla too, fine ;), but that 
can't be the reason to break the standard.

That I mentioned in my mails that it works with konqui out of CVS does not 
mean that we does any workaround for that konqui version in the html or CSS 
code, it shows only that konqui in CVS can handle valid CSS quiet well. 

Perhaps I should state clear that our goal is not to have a konqui CVS 
compatible page, no , we want to get a page that is viewable in the normal 
used browsers today: mozilla, IE, konqui 3.x, opera, etc. and be 
accessivbility guidelines conform, We want to provide some basic support for 
older ones like ns 4, too, but we don't want to introduce any hacks for some 
specific browser that breaks the standard conformance.

The whole webteam wanted XHTML 1.0 conformance (if strict or transitional is 
perhaps a matter of taste) and the use of CSS for layout instead of the old 
dirty table misusage.


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