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Timo A. Hummel timo.hummel at gmx.net
Fri Jan 24 20:06:49 UTC 2003

> You are not seriously suggesting that you are designing KDE's website to work
> properly only with an as-of-yet unreleased browser?  Even assuming 3.1 is
> released next week you cannot expect people to upgrade, at the *earliest*, when
> all major distros include 3.1 in their default shipment, but frankly I think
> that would be extremely aggressive even then.

>From all that discussion about that a particular design doesn't work on
this or that browser, I feel that there are basic mistakes in each
design. From the recent web sites I designed, every single one looked
great in any browser, so I'm really wondering what you guys are all
doing wrong :)

best regards,

Timo A. Hummel <timo.hummel at gmx.net>

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