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Jason Bainbridge jaseone at myrealbox.com
Fri Jan 24 15:39:35 UTC 2003

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On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 05:13, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> Hi,
> nobody interested in helping out with the stuff in kde-www ?
> Atm it looks like me and root66 are the only one working on something, or
> are some of you working on something outside of the CVS ? If yes, drop mail
> here to avoid duplicated work.

I am looking at a few different things at the moment including getting the 
"You are here" to work properly like it does on usability.kde.org and sooner 
or later I will port usability across, along with some new content for 

Does the title graphic for everyone actually work though? With class=invisible 
both Mozilla (1.0) and Konqueror (CVS head about a week old) don't display it 
and if I remove that class it gets displayed but directly below the blue part 
of the header not within the white band where it should be.

Also can we move the search box to the left? Then the default selection in the 
dropdown can change relative to the content site currently being viewed. 
Personally I think the Search should be at the bottom as well as the menu 
should be structured well enough so the user can find what they want without 
having to search and searching should hence be a last resort.

Another random thought, do we do anything smart with the RDF files at the 
moment like caching the html after we generate it or do we generate it with 
each hit? If we cache it we can also build it so if the file is corrupted or 
blank then we still keep the old news and avoid displaying those annoying 
errors. I'll have a look at this and if we don't already I'll put something 

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