Volunteers ?

argus at dds.nl argus at dds.nl
Fri Jan 24 14:34:50 UTC 2003

Hi Christoph,

I love to help out, but unfortunately, I am not nearly as good in Xhtml
and design as you guys. As I am not a native speaker in English, I annot
edit the content either. I do have some proposals to reshuffle the content
on the site a bit (to make the navigation more logical), but that means
that the current navigation should be a bit different. I am not talking
about the right menu (the links), those seem ok. I am talking about the
left menu and the content behind it.

Will post a proposal soon.

Further, I am waiting untill the structure is ok. Then I will do
translating into Dutch.


On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Christoph Cullmann wrote:

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> Hi,
> nobody interested in helping out with the stuff in kde-www ?
> Atm it looks like me and root66 are the only one working on something, or are
> some of you working on something outside of the CVS ? If yes, drop mail here
> to avoid duplicated work.
> The discussion about that whole stuff was really long and big, lots of stuff
> was written down for requirements by jasone, but now after the real work
> starts it seems be really empty on this list. Perhaps it is only a temporary
> "our or time" problem for some people, atm, but would like to know on which
> guys we can count for the redesign/contentreview/coding work.
> cu
> Christoph
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