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On Thursday 16 January 2003 07:29, Andreas Pour wrote:
> Hi,
> I really like the logo at ,
> which was in one incarnation of the new website design.
> I would like to use some of the elements for a KDE business card - actually
> all the elements, just re-arranged a bit.  (If someone has existing
> business card designs, or would like to help me come up with one in the
> next couple days, please let me know.)
> I think the acqua-esque KDE gear is the same as on the dot, but is there a
> large version of this somewhere?  Also the background with the
> blue-gradient 3-D gear is damn cool, is that available somewhere in a
> bigger size and in a layer by itself?
> Thanks in advance, and this is very timely (show next week !).
Please ask ebastian Faubel <s.faubel at> for other versions of that logo, 
he made it for his design of the page and "perhaps" has an other one lying 
around somewhere at home.

> Ciao,
> Dre
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