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Wed Feb 26 10:48:02 UTC 2003

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There are some more problems with the new design, and I have solutions for 
them. I would be willing to fix them, but I cannot write to www.

I pointed most of them out before the move:

I was willing to fix them in kde-www.
I am not sure what I should do now. I cannot fix bugs in stuff that is 
already moved, for I don't have write access to www.

There is a pathetic rendering problem of the new design on some versions 
of the IE, and I have already suggested a possible fix for it on this 
list. So before we move everything to the new design, could you please 
allow me to fix this bug?

If no one disagrees, I will commit to kde-www later today and hope that 
other people with write access to www will move my possible solution to 
www and

The cookie setting the default style sheet is ignored on and, but it works on and
Maybe this can be fixed by using $_COOKIE['sitestyle'] instead of 
$sitestyle (but this is just a guess).
Could someone with more php knowledge (and write access to www) look into 

The settings page needs to be cleaned up. I will do this in kde-www, 
someone else can then commit my changes to www as well.

The menu is broken since /jobs/ got moved to /helping/jobs/. still points to /jobs/, and /jobs/open.php is not shown in the 
menu any longer. (It was a subpoint of /jobs/.)

My suggested fix:
Moving /helping/jobs/open.php to /helping/open.php ("Open Jobs")
Moving /helping/jobs/index.php to /helping/jobs.php ("Getting Involved")
Make "Open Jobs" a subpoint of "Helping Out" in the menu
Make "Getting Involved" a subpoint of "Helping Out" in the menu

If no one disagrees, I will do these changes in kde-www and hope someone 
will move them to www once tested.

I am also still waiting for an answer whether there will be a vote for the 
default style or not. Dre has offered to set up a voting mechanism 
several weeks ago, a lot of people have said it is a good idea to have 
this vote, and no one has given any arguments for cancelling or 
postponing the vote, but still nothing is happening. If we don't do it 
now, it is probably too late (as it is also a good opportunity to promote 
the new design once all problems are fixed).


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