More problems with the new design

Christoph Cullmann christoph.cullmann at
Wed Feb 26 11:17:35 UTC 2003


>There are some more problems with the new design, and I have solutions for 
>them. I would be willing to fix them, but I cannot write to www.

>I pointed most of them out before the move:

>I was willing to fix them in kde-www.
>I am not sure what I should do now. I cannot fix bugs in stuff that is 
>already moved, for I don't have write access to www.
Fix stuff in kde-www, will port it over.

here is a pathetic rendering problem of the new design on some versions 
>of the IE, and I have already suggested a possible fix for it on this 
>list. So before we move everything to the new design, could you please 
>allow me to fix this bug?

>If no one disagrees, I will commit to kde-www later today and hope that 
>other people with write access to www will move my possible solution to 
>www and
Yes, commit it, will look at it and commit to www.

>The cookie setting the default style sheet is ignored on and 
>, but it works on and
>Maybe this can be fixed by using $_COOKIE['sitestyle'] instead of 
>$sitestyle (but this is just a guess).
>Could someone with more php knowledge (and write access to www) look into 
Could be solution ;)

>The settings page needs to be cleaned up. I will do this in kde-www, 
>someone else can then commit my changes to www as well.
sure ;)

>The menu is broken since /jobs/ got moved to /helping/jobs/.
> still points to /jobs/, and /jobs/open.php is not shown in the 
>menu any longer. (It was a subpoint of /jobs/.)

>My suggested fix:
>Moving /helping/jobs/open.php to /helping/open.php ("Open Jobs")
>Moving /helping/jobs/index.php to /helping/jobs.php ("Getting Involved")
>Make "Open Jobs" a subpoint of "Helping Out" in the menu
>Make "Getting Involved" a subpoint of "Helping Out" in the menu

>If no one disagrees, I will do these changes in kde-www and hope someone 
>will move them to www once tested.
Hmm, have simply moved the helping/jobs back to jobs, why was it moved
at all,
if good reason will undo my changes in www later.

>I am also still waiting for an answer whether there will be a vote for the 
>default style or not. Dre has offered to set up a voting mechanism 
>several weeks ago, a lot of people have said it is a good idea to have 
>this vote, and no one has given any arguments for cancelling or 
>postponing the vote, but still nothing is happening. If we don't do it 
>now, it is probably too late (as it is also a good opportunity to promote 
>the new design once all problems are fixed).
First porting the page over, vote after the page is usable.


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