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[Timo A. Hummel]
> - Everything is *way* too huge. Most people can see pretty clearly and
> have sufficient resolutions to look at regular font sizes. People are
> using their browser's settings to increase the font size if necessary.

When using the default Mozilla installation of my distribution, every 
smaller font size would become unreadable. You can change the default 
size of your browser to something smaller, if you wish.

> - The colors are pretty ugly.

The colours have not been decided yet.

There was a lot of work on the technical side like working around a lot of 
browser bugs and making the site fully accessible for screen readers, 
text browsers, etc. 

Several suggestions for the colours are currently discussed, so be sure 
that we will have a nice colour scheme with enough contrast before or 
working version goes online.

> - The contrast is very low. If you aim to serve disabled people who
> can't see, big fonts without much contrast isn't very good.

Small fonts are an accessibility issue for some people with low vision, 
big fonts are not a problem.

> - The two column layout is very bad for people with low resolutions,

The layout uses relative sizes to avoid horizontal scrolling wherever 

> since they have to scroll alot. I prefer a top-down layout, with a
> menubar on top and the submenu in the left column.

Submenus are also almost impossible to implement for a variety of browsers 
like Netscape 4.7, screen readers and text browsers. And I am sure a 
great number of site visitors would need some time to realize that this 
is a submenu.

> I have prepared an inspiration which addresses all of these issues
> (don't complain about the text sizes :), maybe it will be of some use:

Thanks for your suggestion.

I agree with your points about the colours, but as I said, we are working 
on this.


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