Current Design (Monday Feb. 3)

Andreas Pour pour at
Mon Feb 3 21:07:09 UTC 2003


I am glad to see the design at wwwtesting is *again* working in KDE 3.0.1 :-). 
I am also *very* happy that yellow is gone - that color really made me hate the
page, sorry, it was just awful (in my humble opinion).

I think the gray works nicely though, nice idea.

Now, I have a number of comments, take them or leave them, I do not mean to be
pushy but am trying to be helpful:

  (1) I think "You are here" is, well, silly.  How about "Location:", "/" (to
signify a path) or simply nothing.
  (2) On the "Website Settings :: Sitemap :: Help" part I do not like the "::"
as a separator.  To me (and I think to many people) "::" implies a subset (e.g.,
in "Settings :: Colors" Colors would be a subset of Settings), whereas these 3
items are unrelated.  Therefor I think a "|" would be a better separator.
  (3) The top row should be moved below the logo.
  (4) There is too much bold in the center column.  I think the worst use of
bold on the page is the bold for the "Read more" sentences which tend to end the
announce paragraphs.  Totally unnecessary and they detract from the visual flow
of the page IMO.  Yes, I know it currently is that way too :-).
  (5) I still think having the select widget in the title bar detracts from the
visual appearance of the site.  I would prefer to see it somewhere else,
preferably out of the main view.  Where the current page has it I think is
pretty good.
  (6) I am not sure "Related Links" is accurate here, since all the links point
to KDE pages.  I think typically "Related links" would go out of the family, say
to the page or something.  Those are "related" but not "part
  (7) I don't really love the current shade of blue, but as this is a matter of
taste, I make no other suggestion, other than it seems at once too strong and
too weak, if that makes any sense ;-).
  (8) Finally the disclaimer could use a bit of work - "imported" is not really
correct, not all releases are "third-party" (a number of core KDE apps have
separate releases and are announced there) and there are some extra words, I
suggest something like "Diclaimer:  the table shows releases announced on, a commercial, independent KDE website".

OK, I hope you find these comments useful, if not, that's OK too :-).



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