New Proposal for Inspiration :)

Timo A. Hummel timo.hummel at
Mon Feb 3 21:30:16 UTC 2003

> Yes, but the point of using decent sizes is to accomodate all, not just to 
> accomodate "most."  If you think it's too large, then shrink *your* 
> browser's font sizes.

Usually, you use a default setting for "most" of the people and have
"others" use differnt settings, not vice versa. Maybe we should keep
that in mind? To be honest, I'm not used to "trim down" web sites while
I surf... :)

> Ahem.. colors are "professional" now?

Erm, not really. In the logo, you have desaturated colors (average
around 28%), while on the other design elements and the fonts, you have
a saturation of 74%, which bites with the logo. To have a homogenous
saturation, the saturation of the logo should be increased or the
saturation of the other design elements should be lowered.

> Contrast looks rather good to me.  The gray could be lightened a little, 
> but most of the text is black or dark blue on white background.

Maybe the stylesheet is broken, but I have a very light blue here for
the headers and links (0000C0 on the links, which is relatively okay,
and 3E91EB for the headers, which is too brigt). Remember that with
different displays, the user might have different gamma adjustments,
especially on cheap monitors.

> > - The two column layout is very bad for people with low resolutions,
> > since they have to scroll alot. I prefer a top-down layout, with a
> > menubar on top and the submenu in the left column.
> Menu before the important content makes no sense to me.

Usually you don't read all of the content, but you seek for the area of
interest. If the menu is put along the left side (and also on the
right), you have to probably scroll down. Having the menu on top lets
you choose the main area of interest, then following the left side to
seek for a submenu. If you look at company web sites, you often see this
(and there are many people getting paid for to find out how people react
on different navigation techniques, and I bet they didn't choose the
worst one).

> I think it'd be more useful to see an inspiration implemented with html.  
> Then we could test it in a variety of conditions.

I started with a hack which is on, but I
didn't come too far. Right now, it's nothing more than a hack, maybe
I'll find the time to complete it.

Best regards,

Timo A. Hummel <timo.hummel at>

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