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On Monday 03 February 2003 09:46, Christoph Cullmann <chrcul at> 
wrote to kde-www at
> The first draft of root66 had exactly the same colorscheme, only without
> the seldom yellow for location,
> but what was sayed here over and over again: no contrast -> sucks


> The first draft of root66 was although more professional looking -> said
> here: not tuned for usability


> Than he design the current one, which has stolen much of his freetime
> the last months, with the requirements in mind, fine, than we even
> changed it to use less screen space (on cost of design and not for the
> fun of root66) and what is now ?  You say it doesn't look that nice,
> fine, perhaps even through, but a) it works nearly perfect on the most
> modern browsers b) works well in textbrowsers c) even is readable with
> netscape d) fullfills nearly each requirement given (is not
> XHTML Strict, yes, but to get it displayed right in the current browsers
> XHTML Transitional is much better)
> To drop the current design is a no go, it will be used, I am finally
> annoyed enough by that list here. What have I learned out of the
> redesign: never ever actually take in account people from a list beside
> the people actually working on the whole thing.

phew, glad I used the design and only tweaked the CSS ;)

I have to agree with Christoph in several points. We can not adress all 
tastes. Yes, this is impossible. We can improve readability and overall look 
to some point, but there is always sombody crying "it is too pale" "it is not 
profesional" (wich seems to be contrary lately) "it is not nifty enough" "it 
does not render perfectly on Netscape4" "let's put this bar there and that 
bar top". Seldom there are reasons given.

I didn't like the "yellow" in the current wwwtesting, so I sat down and tried 
to come up with an alternative, to show a different approach. 
My modifications are only CSS tweaking, to get a high contrast with colors 
already used (beside the changet to orange instead of yellow). (the border 
may be overkill, but it made the site look better IMHO, it is optional) 

We are coming back to this point every 3 weeks. I am not sure how yet, but I 
think this has finally reached a point where some action has to take place to 
leave this circle. I am not sure how and I will discuss my ideas with others 
before posting them here, but this is getting really ridiculous. 

I have to do some work now and I am looking forward to the anwsers coming up 
here until this evening ;) 

Have a nice day.


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