Small, but important things

Navindra Umanee navindra at
Mon Feb 3 09:00:32 UTC 2003

Christoph Cullmann <chrcul at> wrote:
> fun of root66) and what is now ?  You say it doesn't look that nice,
> fine, perhaps even through, but a) it works nearly perfect on the most
> modern browsers b) works well in textbrowsers c) even is readable with
> netscape d) fullfills nearly each requirement given (is not
> XHTML Strict, yes, but to get it displayed right in the current browsers
> XHTML Transitional is much better)

Well, so does the current website which at least looks
better than what has turned in to.... but like you
say it's the unfortunate result of being designed by a committee and
has gone against root66's original conception.

> To drop the current design is a no go, it will be used, I am finally
> annoyed enough by that list here. What have I learned out of the
> redesign: never ever actually take in account people from a list beside
> the people actually working on the whole thing.

Don't take it personally please, I would just really hate to see the
current replaced with something uglier instead of
better... not really a good PR move.

I hope that at least we will at least seek some diverse opinions on
how lay people like the various designs currently available before
taking such a big step.


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