Small, but important things

Christoph Cullmann chrcul at
Mon Feb 3 08:46:14 UTC 2003

>Well, honestly, it seems to me that Jason's design
>( has leapfrogged the
>current wwwtesting which doesn't look all too professional anymore
>(except for the nice cleanup of the Apps feed, etc).

>The crude colours and excessive comboboxes on wwwtesting are just too
>much, IMHO.


The first draft of root66 had exactly the same colorscheme, only without
the seldom yellow for location,
but what was sayed here over and over again: no contrast -> sucks

The first draft of root66 was although more professional looking -> said
here: not tuned for usability

Than he design the current one, which has stolen much of his freetime
the last months, with the requirements in mind, fine, than we even
changed it to use less screen space (on cost of design and not for the
fun of root66) and what is now ?  You say it doesn't look that nice,
fine, perhaps even through, but a) it works nearly perfect on the most
modern browsers b) works well in textbrowsers c) even is readable with
netscape d) fullfills nearly each requirement given (is not
XHTML Strict, yes, but to get it displayed right in the current browsers
XHTML Transitional is much better)

To drop the current design is a no go, it will be used, I am finally
annoyed enough by that list here. What have I learned out of the
redesign: never ever actually take in account people from a list beside
the people actually working on the whole thing.


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