Why NS4 instead accessibility compatibility out of the blue?

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at babylon2k.de
Sun Feb 2 18:17:07 UTC 2003

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> But now everything appears to be fixed. So I guess I jumped the gun, I'm
> apologizing for doing so.
No problem ;) The whole stuff in wwwtesting was really borked, sorry for that. 
I had not much time in the last days and ask dirk to start with some testing 
and that was visible in wwwtesting.kde.org in the net, now wwwtesting is 
again what is in the CVS.

> Just some minor suggestions:
> -Don't justify headlines. "Conquer your Desktop!" justified over two rows
> looks ugly.
oh, k, need to be changed I guess.

> -Put "You are here: blah" and "Website ... Help" into <nobr> tags since
> users will be confused when they are partly broken behind the title picture
> (it would be also nice if "Website..." would break first instead "You are
> here..." since imo the latter is more important)
k, will think about it ;)

> Great work!
> Cheers, Datschge

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