Why NS4 instead accessibility compatibility out of the blue?

Datschge at gmx.net Datschge at gmx.net
Sun Feb 2 18:10:11 UTC 2003

I was about to write an extensive bug report looking like this:

"Mozilla 1.2.1 happens to render nothing like it did before. "You are here"
appears below "Website settings" which both appear on the left side. "Choose
you location" appears below the title picture instead at the right side of
it. The content seem to have a margin of zero. The left and the right menu,
unlike the content, aren't positioned right below the title part. The blue row
above the content is missing. The footer is neither centered nor does it
appear as white text on blue background."

But now everything appears to be fixed. So I guess I jumped the gun, I'm
apologizing for doing so.

Just some minor suggestions:
-Don't justify headlines. "Conquer your Desktop!" justified over two rows
looks ugly.
-Put "You are here: blah" and "Website ... Help" into <nobr> tags since
users will be confused when they are partly broken behind the title picture (it
would be also nice if "Website..." would break first instead "You are here..."
since imo the latter is more important)

Great work!
Cheers, Datschge

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