KDE web logs for research

A. Gunes Koru gkoru at engr.smu.edu
Sun Aug 10 03:23:43 UTC 2003

Hello Dirk and everybody,

Thanks for your response. From the research perspective, anonymized form
of the logs is also usable so long as the other fields such as dest.
file, source file, transfer size, time, browser type, response code,
etc.. are there. I understand and respect people's privacy.

I really appreciate your helps and collaboration. You are being a great
help for the progress of our research. Please let me know if you need me
to do anything.

Best Regards,

A. Gunes Koru

P.S. If the anonymized form of the IP addesses are distinguishable from
each other (as let's say X01, X01, Y, and Z) that would be useful to us
too. So, if that is appropriate, you can leave those fields in the
anonimized form.

On Sat, 9 Aug 2003, Dirk Mueller wrote:

> On Don, 07 Aug 2003, A. Gunes Koru wrote:
> > I hope I could answer your questions. Please let me know if you have
> > additional questions and /or comments.
> Thanks for the clarification. From the types of research you do it seems 
> unlikely that anonymized apache logs would be of any use for you. We cannot 
> hand out the raw logs for privacy reasons. 
> If you can make use of anonymized logs (without IP address and cookie or 
> similiar information removed), then we might be able to help. 
> -- 
> Dirk

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