kde.org website redesign

Timo A. Hummel timo.hummel at gmx.net
Sun Sep 22 15:02:37 UTC 2002

> on kde.org the user will find only the intersting stuff for kde desktop env. 
> in general, like the proposal with:

Good point. Maybe we should do "profiling" - a way of classifying the
needs for certain user groups.

For example, there might be the KDE-newbie or even some Windows-User who
wants to switch to linux. He/she wants to see screenshots and features
as well as applications which he/she has under the other environments
(like: Is there a cd writer application or such?). These requirements
would go into the profile "Newbie".

The developer wants to know how to develop applications (I know that
there is developer.kde.org, but I'm not satisfied with that site - a
good search engine would help alot). An introduction to KDE development
as well as cleaned-up documents are a must.

Existing KDE-users want to give their desktop a new finish - so they
should be able to go to a specific subsection which fit their needs.

Even tough the web site might become more boring, but hey, it's speeding
up information retrieval.


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