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On Sunday 22 September 2002 16:22, marko faas wrote:
> Actually, I've thought about this. I prefer a site that has the same
> menu structure (and layout!) all over the place, but I also recognise
> that that's up to the maintainer of the subsite. So, in order to
> convince them, we have to make the menu and the new layout as easy as
> possible to implement.
> Next, I think we should gradually introduce the new structure. First, we
> might end up with the whole 'KDE family'. As soon as the sub-site has
> introduced the new menu-structure, we should add it to the new menu. I
> realise that it would leave some sites outsite of the overall menu and
> into the links. But this choice *will* leave the sub-site on the bottom
> or even on another page ('KDE links').
> That would be too bad, but we cannot (and shouldnot) force the sub-site
> to go our way. I hope we can convice the majority of the sub-sites to
> switch.
I don'T really like the idea of dropping the kde family menu. I would rather 
clean the naming up.

If we have at the left the "sub menu" of the current page and on the right the 
menu where you select where to go, it seems to me much cleaner.

on kde.org the user will find only the intersting stuff for kde desktop env. 
in general, like the proposal with:

Downloads - After all that's the main thing people will want
Info - After they have downloaded they want to learn more
Contact - Not to far down in case people wanta  helping hand
Explore - Put this above develop just due to the fact that people wanting to
develop would be more willing to search for information.
Develop - As above.

On the right side he has the kde family (or call it something other like: 
areas/locations/realms/....) where you have something like:


The place where the user is atm can be highlighted in the family menu, which 
will make clear to the user where in the kde.org "universe" he walks around.

To place all kde.org family pages as submenus in the left main menu is just 
confusing and makes the left menu to a kcontrol clone ;) (he, no flames, just 
want to show that the menu gets much to complex)

I find that "task" or "area" selection on the right and sub menu on the left 
much more usable, as you can get from everywhere to everywhere quit speedy 
without messing around with massive menu structures.


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