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marko faas argus at dds.nl
Sun Sep 22 14:22:32 UTC 2002


On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 15:50, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
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> I like that idea very much. :)



> Although one question, how would you see your menu structure handling the fact 
> that the different sub-domains would want their own menu structure? I don't 
> think it would work very well to have Usability's existing menu implemented 
> as a sub menu.  How about something along the lines of two seperate main 
> groups, the first being sub-domain specific and the second being global? I 
> realise being consistent across the sub-domains is important but I think we 
> would still achieve that goal with this sort of approach.

Actually, I've thought about this. I prefer a site that has the same
menu structure (and layout!) all over the place, but I also recognise
that that's up to the maintainer of the subsite. So, in order to
convince them, we have to make the menu and the new layout as easy as
possible to implement.

Next, I think we should gradually introduce the new structure. First, we
might end up with the whole 'KDE family'. As soon as the sub-site has
introduced the new menu-structure, we should add it to the new menu. I
realise that it would leave some sites outsite of the overall menu and
into the links. But this choice *will* leave the sub-site on the bottom
or even on another page ('KDE links').

That would be too bad, but we cannot (and shouldnot) force the sub-site
to go our way. I hope we can convice the majority of the sub-sites to


Marko Faas

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