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I like that idea very much. :)

It would also have an added benefit of freeing up some screen real estate as 
the links could be in the one central place along the left, this space could 
either be used for the main content or possibly news headlines?

I think the submenu's are a good idea as well, Simon Edwards implemented the 
same concept for usability.kde.org and it works quite well, you just have a 
menu.inc file in each sub-directory/section and some PHP magic does the rest.

Although one question, how would you see your menu structure handling the fact 
that the different sub-domains would want their own menu structure? I don't 
think it would work very well to have Usability's existing menu implemented 
as a sub menu.  How about something along the lines of two seperate main 
groups, the first being sub-domain specific and the second being global? I 
realise being consistent across the sub-domains is important but I think we 
would still achieve that goal with this sort of approach.

Anyway they are just some more ideas to think about...

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On Sun, 22 Sep 2002 21:22, you wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 14:02, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
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> > Christoph,
> >
> > I have been monitoring the threads on kde-www and have so far been quiet
> > as I haven't had anything productive to add as my concerns had already
> > been voiced.
> <snip>
> Actually, I have proposed another kind of menu structure. I will repeat:
> top menu.
> - kde.org (home)
> - Language switch (preferably with a drop down menu with alle the
> languages)
> - Contacts
> I would put the rest in the standard menu bar because its too important
> or very confusing (Which screenshots for example? And is News taking me
> to kde.org-news or to dot.kde.org?)
> What is KDE?
>         What is KDE?
>         FAQ
>         Documentation
>         Screenshots
> KDE Software
>         Stable Version
>         Source Code
>         KDE on CD-ROM
>         Konqueror browsing
>         Koffice
>         Multimedia
>         Games
>         Pim
>         Kroupware
>         More applications
> KDE News
>         Announcements
>         News
> KDE Development
>         Developement (with also links to kdevelop, lxr and printing)
>         Art
>         Usability
>         Applications
>         Send in a Bug
>         Getting Involved (I would put Open jobs in here too)
> KDE Goodies
>         Clipart
>         Templates (kde-look.org)
>         Merchandise
>         Books
>         Events
> KDE Communities
>         Women
>         Artists
>         Educators
>         Enterprise users
> About KDE
>         KDE people
>         Mailing Lists
>         Donate (helping out)
>         Mirrors
>         Contact
> That eliminates the very long and unclear family-tree.
> Subsites that have their own submenu could have:
> About KDE
> 	KDE People
> 		John
> 		Pieter
> 		HanK
> 	Mailinglist
> 		usability
> etc.
> What do you think about this?

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