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Sat Sep 21 11:12:54 UTC 2002

Hi Marko,

On Saturday 21 September 2002 11:45, marko faas wrote:
> > > You can see the result on and get the files
> > > from
> Looks good. However it resembles the standard template looks all those
> slashdot clones use too.
> Some minor things:
> - the topmenu is very hard to read.
> - I have on Mozilla a very big blue border. (it is the biggest on the
> left side of the screen)

Currently, I'm working again on the color scheme. I've already "heard" some 
other people say that the blue headlines are too bright. I will use a darker 
blue now ... You will find this in 

> I would love to see other menu-items too. Personally, I would like to
> have several sections, but unfortunatley no everyone is conviced (yet)
> that that is neccessary :-( But we might reshuffle some items so it is
> getting more clearer what is where. 

Personally, I'm not convinced of creating several sections (as discusse 
earlier) - and reshuffling the navbar seems to be the best way for me. But 
this is just my personal opinion. I think we will find a good consensus here.

> I like th renaming of the menus.
> however it might be sensible to have section index-pages too. So the
> menu headers should be linked too. I just hope that all the family-sites
> will adopt the same layout and the same menu entries. That will greatly
> improve the usability of this site.

This depends on the maintainer responsible for the other pages. Personally, I 
will adopt it for and also for I'm not sure what will 
happen with the layout of as the layout-question is always 
a "co-production" with Cornelius Schumacher. We will see.

Hopefully, many other pages will adopt the new layout, too. On the other hand, 
it's important for the "representing" pages to have a common look - developer 
pages have a separate status here ...

> I propose:
> top menu.
> -
> - Language switch (preferably with a drop down menu with alle the
> languages)

You mean the top headline " | | faq | download | screenshots | news | 
contact us | " ?

> I would put the rest in the standard menu bar because its too important
> or very confusing (Which screenshots for example? And is News taking me
> to or to
> What is KDE?
> 	What is KDE?
> 	FAQ
> 	Documentation
> 	Screenshots
> That eliminates the very long and unclear family-tree.

This sounds very good. One alternative I saw on another KDE page was to 
exchange the address (e.g. with e.g. "KDE Multimedia". 
But the way you propose it seems to be much better as the several 
family-pages are really integrated in the whole page and there's no 
separation. On the other hand, you (as visitor of the page) don't know that 
the given link will leave the main webpage - but is this a problem?

> I would like to include the menu list in the files myself, but I haven't
> got the time at this moment. I will do it later, so if anyone does it
> before me, please give notice.

I start a todo-list (exported by KOrganizer). You find it at 

> > Looks good to me. Could we keep "" as namespace for
> > include-files?
> I always learned never to use inc.-files, but only .php beacuse
> otherwise people could see the source.

Hm, we could also keep the /inc-directory and call the file "file.php" ...



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