Keramik demo page is online! (with links!)

marko faas argus at
Sun Sep 22 08:15:09 UTC 2002

On Sat, 2002-09-21 at 13:12, Klaus Staerk wrote:
> Hi Marko,
> On Saturday 21 September 2002 11:45, marko faas wrote:
> > > > You can see the result on and get the files
> > > > from
> >
> > Looks good. However it resembles the standard template looks all those
> > slashdot clones use too.
> >
> > Some minor things:
> > - the topmenu is very hard to read.
> > - I have on Mozilla a very big blue border. (it is the biggest on the
> > left side of the screen)
> Currently, I'm working again on the color scheme. I've already "heard" some 
> other people say that the blue headlines are too bright. I will use a darker 
> blue now ... You will find this in 
> www/international/germany/todo/keramik/index2.html
> > I would love to see other menu-items too. Personally, I would like to
> > have several sections, but unfortunatley no everyone is conviced (yet)
> > that that is neccessary :-( But we might reshuffle some items so it is
> > getting more clearer what is where. 
> Personally, I'm not convinced of creating several sections (as discusse 
> earlier) - and reshuffling the navbar seems to be the best way for me. But 
> this is just my personal opinion. I think we will find a good consensus here.

I know, therefore i did let go of the idea.

> > I like th renaming of the menus.
> > however it might be sensible to have section index-pages too. So the
> > menu headers should be linked too. I just hope that all the family-sites
> > will adopt the same layout and the same menu entries. That will greatly
> > improve the usability of this site.
> This depends on the maintainer responsible for the other pages. Personally, I 
> will adopt it for and also for I'm not sure what will 
> happen with the layout of as the layout-question is always 
> a "co-production" with Cornelius Schumacher. We will see.
> Hopefully, many other pages will adopt the new layout, too. On the other hand, 
> it's important for the "representing" pages to have a common look - developer 
> pages have a separate status here ...
> > I propose:
> > top menu.
> > -
> > - Language switch (preferably with a drop down menu with alle the
> > languages)
> You mean the top headline " | | faq | download | screenshots | news | 
> contact us | " ?

Yes. The top-menu is hardly readable and it they are mostly double
entries. A 'Home'-button might be sensible too, I guess.
> > I would put the rest in the standard menu bar because its too important
> > or very confusing (Which screenshots for example? And is News taking me
> > to or to
> >
> > What is KDE?
> > 	What is KDE?
> > 	FAQ
> > 	Documentation
> > 	Screenshots
> [...]
> > That eliminates the very long and unclear family-tree.
> This sounds very good. One alternative I saw on another KDE page was to 
> exchange the address (e.g. with e.g. "KDE Multimedia". 
> But the way you propose it seems to be much better as the several 
> family-pages are really integrated in the whole page and there's no 
> separation. On the other hand, you (as visitor of the page) don't know that 
> the given link will leave the main webpage - but is this a problem?

Actually, it would be much better if all the maintainers use the same
menu. But that's up to them. 
> > I would like to include the menu list in the files myself, but I haven't
> > got the time at this moment. I will do it later, so if anyone does it
> > before me, please give notice.
> I start a todo-list (exported by KOrganizer). You find it at 
> www/international/germany/todo/keramik/keramik-todo.html


I am thinking: Would it be possible to add a breadcrum? That is a
navigation line on top: / news / the homepage just got better / faq / homepage / who made this great menu?



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