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Klaus Staerk klaus.staerk at
Sun Sep 15 11:19:59 UTC 2002


On Thursday 05 September 2002 16:51, marko faas wrote:
> I don't know. I have very good experiences with web site design when you
> have roughly this process:
> - Brainstorm (that is were we are now :-)
> - Define the possibilities and unpossibilities (budget, system, time)
> - Define functionalities
> - Create a sitemap
> - Create rough clickable prototypes (no design yet)
> - Create some designs, choose one and fit it on top of the prototypes
> - Choose a Content Management System (if necessary)
> - Program everything together
> - Translate/create all content and put it in the system
> - Test, test, test
> - Test again
> - Correct all errors
> - Launch
> - Work with the system
> - Evaluate
> - Brainstorm
> - ...

I think we can skip some of these points as we don't create a new page, but 
give a new look with existing contents. The process itself is ok for 

The raw layout with header/footer, navbar and content page is ok for me as is 
- I think we should concentrate on the new look itself (Keramik), maybe 
reshuffle the navbar (add some new stuff, leave other things away, group 
information, etc...)

I think I'll contact our artists within the next days in order to get some 
support from that side.

As we won't have it finished until KDE 3.1 I would say: start of the new pages 
around December, that would be more realistic.



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