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Thu Nov 28 14:37:11 UTC 2002

> "Learn" as the label does sound like the user will find all information 
> and resources there. 

Ok, then let's take "Inform" again.

> Maybe something like "First Steps", "In Depth" would clarify the 
> difference. But IMHO we should leave it "Learn", put everything there >
and drop "Konquer". 

That's a very bad idea in my opinion. As I wrote in the description "Learn"
should contain everything one might want to know without wanting to get
involved, while "Konquer" will give you all the necessary informations to get
involved. Imo it's VERY important to differentiate between both approaches,
especially nowadays where many sites fail to give decent description of their
project, their goals, their participants without also pushing the visitor too
deep into their project's activities. I visited too many sites where I just
wanted to find out what those are about and instead was confronted with the most
recent cryptic particular technical discussions instead some kind of overview
everyone could understand. Things like this most likely scares away any
visitor who can't understand it or don't want to get involved but just find some
information about the project as a whole.

> Why split it apart on top level? Splitting the user documention on the 
> second level would be the cleaner solution IMHO. We'll probably have 
> more space for meta information there, so it'll be easier to switch the 
> user off to the different docs on that level.

While this should be done as well this doesn't solve the points I raised

Imo this is a problem we better solve on a global level since it will then
allow any homepage maintainer to split their information into one part for
"outsiders" (aka PR maybe) and another one for  "insiders" (contributors,
discussion participants, developers etc.) which will satisfy both target groups
(outsiders don't get to see cryptic information, insiders dopn't have to bother
with generic descriptions).

Regards, Datschge

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