Global KDE navigation structure

Mat Colton mat.colton at
Fri Nov 29 01:36:32 UTC 2002

Datschge at wrote:
> While this should be done as well this doesn't solve the points I raised
> above.
> Imo this is a problem we better solve on a global level since it will then
> allow any homepage maintainer to split their information into one part for
> "outsiders" (aka PR maybe) and another one for  "insiders" (contributors,
> discussion participants, developers etc.) which will satisfy both target
> groups (outsiders don't get to see cryptic information, insiders dopn't
> have to bother with generic descriptions).

I get your point. Ok, well "Inform" would be nice. "Konquer" doesn't really 
clarify what it's about IMO. The one I suggested, "In Depth", doesn't fit in 
the label scheme. Maybe "Introduce" and "Explore"? I'll think about it after 
some sleep. :)

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