Global KDE navigation structure

Mat Colton mat.colton at
Thu Nov 28 05:36:16 UTC 2002

Datschge at wrote:
> My proposal for a global KDE category naming scheme looks like this (in
> this order):
> -Learn
> (any information newbies and everyone else can understand and might like to
> read without being pushed to get involved)
> -Konquer
> (any informations and resources one needs to get fully involved)

"Learn" as the label does sound like the user will find all information and 
resources there. 
Maybe something like "First Steps", "In Depth" would clarify the difference. 
But IMHO we should leave it "Learn", put everything there and drop "Konquer".  
Why split it apart on top level? Splitting the user documention on the second 
level would be the cleaner solution IMHO. We'll probably have more space for 
meta information there, so it'll be easier to switch the user off to the 
different docs on that level. 

> -Download
> (anything anyone can download and use right away, but nothing else)
> -Communicate
> (KDE is a community project so all possible ways to get in contact within a
> project should be listened in its own category, should include schules for
> meeting etc. as well)
> -Develop
> (anything related to development, download of source code and CVS access
> should be included here since those are no newbie tasks)
> -Links
> (random crosslinks to on-topic sites)

I think it's nice, except the "Learn/Konquer" issue I mentioned above.

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