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Thu Nov 28 02:49:01 UTC 2002

Mat wrote:
> Thank you so much for saying that. I was called unrealistic in asking 
> for this. As an example, a global KDE navigation structure, not only a 
> simuliar layout, will greatly enhance the usability experience on all 
> participating sites. And, no, I'm not asking to force this on to the 
> maintainers. 

I agree that we should at least write a guide about how to name the
categories and in what order to display them.

> My first and *basic* idea can be found at:

This is really very basic. I think a less diffuse category naming scheme
would help much more than having just the usual generic terms again.

> My goal is to provide a navigation structure that is the same on all 
> participating KDE sites. Not only does this help the average user to 
> find cross KDE information faster, it also helps visually impared as we 
> can offer accesskeys and much more.
> At the moment there are a lot of sites using the basic design, 
> but most of them are fundamentally different in usage. This is, in 
> terms of usability, worse then giving each site their own design/layout.

I fully agree with all points you raised here.

My proposal for a global KDE category naming scheme looks like this (in this

(any information newbies and everyone else can understand and might like to
read without being pushed to get involved)

(any informations and resources one needs to get fully involved)

(anything anyone can download and use right away, but nothing else)

(KDE is a community project so all possible ways to get in contact within a
project should be listened in its own category, should include schules for
meeting etc. as well)

(anything related to development, download of source code and CVS access
should be included here since those are no newbie tasks)

(random crosslinks to on-topic sites)

Anything I didn't cover in this scheme?

Regards, Datschge

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