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Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Sun Nov 24 15:34:22 UTC 2002

Mat Colton wrote:

> > I meant a number of sites listed on www.kde.org, including recently
> > enterprise.kde.org has been down for weeks.  Other sites with problems
> > include promo.kde.org, edu.kde.org, artists.kde.org, etc.
> Sad thing. Didn't know about that, thank you for pointing that out. What were
> the reasons? 

Everything from hardware failures to operations shutting down to employees
leaving workplaces to sysadmin screwups to moving services to new servers.

> What can we do to make sure this is unlikely to happen again?

Various things, the recent new server from IBM helped a lot.

> What has been done so far?
> > > > And so what if it's
> > > > .com?
> > >
> > > It's fine if they're commercial. But since it doesn't belong to KDE we
> > > have no influence on the site. So maybe tomorrow they'll ask for a
> > > subscription for everything. What do we know? So IMHO I wouldn't put that
> > > on the front page. Staying IMHO we should set up a apps.kde.org. :)
> >
> > Errh, you do know that I run the site?
> I couldn't care less. And I do *NOT* mean to be offensive, just want to make a
> point that I stand up for what I think.
> But it's nice to know, I have some questions :)
> - So, you own apps.kde.com and it's your content?

It's MieTerra's property, but I am currently the controlling shareholder.

> - You can say exactly where Appsy is going in a commercial sense?

I cannot predict the future with certainty but these decisions are currently up
to me, yes.

> - When did you tell KDE crew about the subscription thing?

I've been discussing it for over a year now.  In fact I first raised it beyond a
small group during Comdex last year.  I also discussed it with the various
distros to see if they wanted to work together on the project.

> - Uploads by the author (or you as you do a lot of work) will always be free?

That is the intent, yes.  If kde.org would mirror ftp.kde.com (like I have asked
numerous times and like almost seemd to happen a few times but has not yet) it
would help as well to reduce our costs for providing the service.

> - The author may upload as many packages as he/she/it wishes?

The policy is not to change the free services at all.  And they haven't changed.
> > > > > So this is the kind of information you want on the front page? It
> > > > > seems to dangerous IMHO.
> > > >
> > > > It's worked fine for the last 2 years or so,
> > >
> > > It didn't work fine. Often enough the site didn't work and the links on
> > > kde.org ended with "server not available".
> >
> > Well it wasn't that often,
> Ok, true, but it was offline for a long time this summer.

Yes, about 3 weeks.
> > and it was always has been some hardware
> > problems.
> I'm not saying it was your fault! Appsy is probably heavily visited and if
> your code was bad Appsy wouldn't be anymore.
> In the case of Appsy one of the problems is a "license" thing, a bit like Qt
> in earlier days. I hope it will turn all good, but for the moment there is a
> bitter taste in my mouth.

The licensing thing is totally different from Qt.  If www.kde.org was being
built on appsy technology, then the point would be a bit closer, but still not
the same.
> > Having a link is not relying.  If the site is down, just drop the links,
> > pretty easy :-).
> That brings us back to consistent design... :P No really now, don't take it
> off, put on a message or whatever. Is there no way to mirror Appsy?

The ftp site is open to anyone to mirror.  There is at least one major mirror
already, linux.sarang.net.  As I mentioned I have requested numerous times that
kde.org mirror the packages, but that has not yet happened.



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