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Mat Colton mat.colton at web-xs.de
Sun Nov 24 02:42:23 UTC 2002

Andreas Pour wrote:
> Mat Colton wrote:
> [ .. ]
> > > > Why should they? Appsy is commercial and has proven to be offline for
> > > > weeks.
> > >
> > > Well a number of sites have been offline for weeks.
> >
> > Great argument... :P
> I meant a number of sites listed on www.kde.org, including recently
> enterprise.kde.org has been down for weeks.  Other sites with problems
> include promo.kde.org, edu.kde.org, artists.kde.org, etc.

Sad thing. Didn't know about that, thank you for pointing that out. What were 
the reasons? What can we do to make sure this is unlikely to happen again? 
What has been done so far?

> > > And so what if it's
> > > .com?
> >
> > It's fine if they're commercial. But since it doesn't belong to KDE we
> > have no influence on the site. So maybe tomorrow they'll ask for a
> > subscription for everything. What do we know? So IMHO I wouldn't put that
> > on the front page. Staying IMHO we should set up a apps.kde.org. :)
> Errh, you do know that I run the site?

I couldn't care less. And I do *NOT* mean to be offensive, just want to make a 
point that I stand up for what I think.

But it's nice to know, I have some questions :) 
- So, you own apps.kde.com and it's your content? 
- You can say exactly where Appsy is going in a commercial sense?
- When did you tell KDE crew about the subscription thing?
- Uploads by the author (or you as you do a lot of work) will always be free?
- The author may upload as many packages as he/she/it wishes?

> > > > So this is the kind of information you want on the front page? It 
> > > > seems to dangerous IMHO.
> > >
> > > It's worked fine for the last 2 years or so,
> >
> > It didn't work fine. Often enough the site didn't work and the links on
> > kde.org ended with "server not available".
> Well it wasn't that often, 

Ok, true, but it was offline for a long time this summer.

> and it was always has been some hardware
> problems.

I'm not saying it was your fault! Appsy is probably heavily visited and if 
your code was bad Appsy wouldn't be anymore. 
In the case of Appsy one of the problems is a "license" thing, a bit like Qt 
in earlier days. I hope it will turn all good, but for the moment there is a 
bitter taste in my mouth. 

> Having a link is not relying.  If the site is down, just drop the links,
> pretty easy :-).

That brings us back to consistent design... :P No really now, don't take it 
off, put on a message or whatever. Is there no way to mirror Appsy?

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