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On Wednesday 06 November 2002 16:37, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> Taking a step back for a moment, I want to make sure we are all approaching
> this in the same way and are working towards a common goal otherwise we are
> never going to get anywhere. So can anyone that is interested please
> respond to the below points?
> 1. Is it agreed the kde-www 'committee' consists of Christoph, physos and
> myself?
Think so, still got no real answer from physos about it (or I missed it), 
therefor that mail goes CC to him (if he overread this list ;)

> 2. What are people's thoughts on following the requirements process? Little
> to none participation has been entered into from kde-www so I'm not getting
> good vibes.
I think the general requirements on are quiet well made (at 
least I can agree with all requirements beside XHTML Strics, as that will 
break really all old netscapes, but perhaps that's just me). The Menu 
structure is ok, too. About 1-2-left-right-... menu placements, I still vote 
for 2 sided menu for mainpage and 1 sided for content pages, but that 
is not specified there, too.

> 3. How do you personally want to proceed with the new design?
I would like to see that we change to these needs in 
cooperation with Sebastian and let in addition submit other people again 
their drafts, too. (Beside the central search box I still think that design 
fits for the entry page quiet well even now, but for the content pages need 
some fixing, e.g. only one menu, or a hideable menu like the one in the 
modified-2 thing)

> Also if you have any other thoughts please post them to the list as I
> really want to make some progress on getting this new design out the door.
> Regards,

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