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Taking a step back for a moment, I want to make sure we are all approaching 
this in the same way and are working towards a common goal otherwise we are 
never going to get anywhere. So can anyone that is interested please respond 
to the below points?

1. Is it agreed the kde-www 'committee' consists of Christoph, physos and 

2. What are people's thoughts on following the requirements process? Little to 
none participation has been entered into from kde-www so I'm not getting good 

3. How do you personally want to proceed with the new design?

Also if you have any other thoughts please post them to the list as I really 
want to make some progress on getting this new design out the door.

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On Mon, 4 Nov 2002 20:05, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> Firstly I must say I like the look of the new styles. :)
> Now onto the business end of things...
> A while back I sent an email to all of the major KDE mailing lists I knew
> of asking for people's feedback and ideas for requirements for the
> re-design of the The email wasn't well received and didn't receive
> many replies, which is probably due to the wording of my email so what I
> propose is the following:
> 1. I work further on documenting the requirements we already have and add
> them to what is already at:
> finishing what I can tonight.... While sleepy {$me .= "coffee"); :-)
> 2. I send another email to the major mailing lists giving people a week to
> respond and make it very clear we want people's input and it is in their
> interest to pitch in, plus openly advertise the work so far at
> 3. We set ourselves a deadline a week after the requirements have been
> gathered to pull the requirements together into a semi formal document. I
> can do a lot of this and welcome assistance in this regard as well.
> 4. We put out a RFC on the requirements giving another week for this to
> happen.
> 5. We can then hopefully with Sebastian's assistance draft the final
> designs as he is obviously the best designer amongst us and then with the
> assistance of a select few say the people most interested during the
> requirements stage we fine tune the design before rolling it out.
> I know people are going to moan and groan about all those 1 week delays,
> but if we do this right we can achieve our goal of getting a consistent
> look and feel across all * sites as the final design will make
> maintainers want to use it as they helped shape it in the first place. If
> we just design it and then approach them afterwards I don't think it would
> go down very well with a lot of them.
> If the plan above is followed then we would have the new design ready to go
> live in about a month, which would also place it very close to release of
> 3.1 at end of November but at the end of the day I don't think we should
> rush anything just to meet that date, but it would be nice. :) Maybe we can
> streamline the re-design of the main site so it goes live with 3.1
> and then content sites can follow shortly after...
> On a side note I see the different styles being a good idea as that will
> give the maintainers a choice as to which style they use and also add a bit
> of character to the different * subdomains.
> Anyway what do people think of the above plan?
> Regards,
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