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Mon Nov 4 12:34:53 UTC 2002

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On Monday November 04, 2002 04:05, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> 1. I work further on documenting the requirements we already have and
> add them to what is already at:
> http://usability.kde.org/newdesign/webredesign/ finishing what I can
> tonight.... While sleepy {$me .= "coffee"); :-)

Yes, it's essential that if people are to give ideas, that they see the 
ideas already there.

> 2. I send another email to the major mailing lists giving people a week
> to respond and make it very clear we want people's input and it is in
> their interest to pitch in, plus openly advertise the work so far at
> http://usability.kde.org/newdesign/webredesign/
> 3. We set ourselves a deadline a week after the requirements have been
> gathered to pull the requirements together into a semi formal document.
> I can do a lot of this and welcome assistance in this regard as well.

Well, at this point isn't it you three appointed ones who decides?

> 4. We put out a RFC on the requirements giving another week for this to
> happen.
> 5. We can then hopefully with Sebastian's assistance draft the final
> designs as he is obviously the best designer amongst us and then with
> the assistance of a select few say the people most interested during the
> requirements stage we fine tune the design before rolling it out.

I'd say that everyone should be able to submit a final proposal at this 
point.  Once the requirements are made clear, everyone can submit, and 
there's nothing to argue about.  Every proposal should all be technically 

> I know people are going to moan and groan about all those 1 week delays,
> but if we do this right we can achieve our goal of getting a consistent
> look and feel across all *.kde.org sites as the final design will make
> maintainers want to use it as they helped shape it in the first place.
> If we just design it and then approach them afterwards I don't think it
> would go down very well with a lot of them.

This timetable seems reasonable to me:

November 4:  Call for requirements
November 11: No more requirements submissions
November 18: The Three send RFC on final requirements
November 25: Final requirements proposed; call for final designs made
December 2:  No more design submissions
December 9:  The Three announce final design for www.kde.org

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