KDE mirror in Argentina

Federico Omoto federico.omoto at fusionlinux.com.ar
Tue Jun 11 05:25:30 UTC 2002

Dear KDE friends:

I had set up a KDE web mirror in Argentina: 

We fullfil your requirements with 20 GB of available disk space, we do an 
update-check once a day (using cvs), and we have subscribed to the kde-mirrors 
mailing list (with the same identity as this Email).

In addition I want to tell you that we're ussing Apache 1.3.22 running under 
Red Hat Linux.

Well, that's all my friends, we are very exciting having here in Argentina a 
web mirror of the KDE project :)
Hope you add it to the list of mirrors (there're no one in Argentina until 

Here is the information that you request:
-Country: Argentina
-Location: Buenos Aires
-Owner: The Net Company
-My name: Federico Omoto
-Email: federico.omoto at fusionlinux.com.ar

Best regards,
Federico Omoto

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