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On Saturday December 21, 2002 03:58, Navindra Umanee wrote:
> Rainer Endres <endres at> wrote:
> > Concerning the FAQ:
> >
> > I tried a Wiki some time ago, I got 8 attacks in 4 months without even
> > being announced. Introducing accounts to edit the wiki gets us back to
> > CVS. What the FAQ needs is ppl writing content, not another website.
> >
> > Another of the main problems is the fact it is very difficult to
> > package a wiki in docbook format for the KDE packages.
> >
> > I love Wikis, but in my experience they are not the right tool for
> > this task.
> Well, there you go.  Do you (or Neil or whoever's interested...) think
> Wiki is useful for anything else in KDE?

I think a Wiki would be a great resource for FAQs and user support.  They 
might also be useful for tracking applications and third party binaries.

I had high hopes for Rainer's wiki, and would for a new KDE one.  But to 
avoid the same fate, we need enough maintainers to watch out for vandals.

> By attacks do you mean Wiki is something that would introduce security
> vulnerabilities on the server?

By attacks I assume he means vandalism of the Wiki itself, using the 
editing features that make a Wiki useful.
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