maintaining and the FAQ (was: Re: Inclusion of "Konstruct" in's application news)

Navindra Umanee navindra at
Sat Dec 21 23:58:34 UTC 2002

Rainer Endres <endres at> wrote:
> Concerning the FAQ:
> I tried a Wiki some time ago, I got 8 attacks in 4 months without even being 
> announced. Introducing accounts to edit the wiki gets us back to CVS. What 
> the FAQ needs is ppl writing content, not another website.
> Another of the main problems is the fact it is very difficult to package a 
> wiki in docbook format for the KDE packages. 
> I love Wikis, but in my experience they are not the right tool for this task.

Well, there you go.  Do you (or Neil or whoever's interested...) think
Wiki is useful for anything else in KDE?

By attacks do you mean Wiki is something that would introduce security
vulnerabilities on the server?


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