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Sat Dec 21 22:05:04 UTC 2002

There are two topics in this discussion and both are concerning me.

On Saturday 21 December 2002 18:29, Stephan Binner Stephan Binner 
<binner at> wrote to kde-www at
> On Saturday 21 December 2002 15:19, Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
> > I'm not a member of "the webteam", though.
> I wonder who is member of it and active. I see many people worrying about
> layout but who cares about the content? Many parts of get more
> and more outdated - long list: documentation/ especially
> documentation/faq/, whatiskde/, kde-books.html, kdeships.html, thanks.html,
> credits.html, gallery/, kde-stuff.html, awards.html (stopped last year),
> press/ (1999).

I care about the content. I was very short on time for KDE stuff in the last 
month. I took up the pieces I left on my HDD in the last days and continued 
work on the content. This is no small task , since most of it has grown 
organically in the last years, apparently. 
I would like to update several pages, but I have no access to www/ and forgot 
to ask about it before. There are several updates here, wich I would like to 
put in.

> I only do occasional link and small text fixes. Thanks don't help. I have
> no time to update e.g. the FAQ - the german KDE FAQ (for
> de.comp.os.unix.apps .kde) which I maintain needs to get overhauled too for
> some months. :-(

I am the official FAQ maintainer ATM, even when I give only the name for it 
due to my lack of time. I did not recieve a suggestion, answer or anything 
else for more than a year. Now lots of ppl pop up who say they are 
maintaining a FAQ outside cvs. Sorry, but this is not helping with the 
official FAQ. I am willing to take care of including anything I get for the 
FAQ, but I am not able to monitor the newsgroups and maillists ATM, sorry. 

I asked for help very long ago, but nobody helped. I would be very glad to 
keep maintaining the FAQ and put in stuff I wrote in the last year, but I do 
not see anybody helping in this, except lauri. When ppl are willing to help I 
am _very_ glad about it. 

Just some points before I end this long unstructured mail written in a tired 
state because I wanted to comment before tomorrow morning.

The content is in severe need of an overhaul. _NOT_ the menu structure 
and _NOT_ the layout are the problem, but the existing content. Stefan is 
doing a tremendious job in keeping things up to date. I hate to think about's state without him.

Stefan I would be glad to coordinate work with you. 

Concerning the FAQ:

I tried a Wiki some time ago, I got 8 attacks in 4 months without even being 
announced. Introducing accounts to edit the wiki gets us back to CVS. What 
the FAQ needs is ppl writing content, not another website.

Another of the main problems is the fact it is very difficult to package a 
wiki in docbook format for the KDE packages. 

I love Wikis, but in my experience they are not the right tool for this task.

I love the fact that there are ppl concerned about the content, because needs much more ppl taking care of it than Jason, Christoph and me. 
(eho seem to be the official webteam ATM) There is much work to do IMHO, and 
the layout is just a tiny bit of it. Everybody interested in helping is 
invited to do so. 

	Rainer "physos" Endres

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