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Kurt Granroth kurt at granroth.org
Mon Aug 12 16:40:53 UTC 2002

On Monday 12 August 2002 04:18 am, Jaime Robles wrote:
> We suggest you this text:
> =====
> "If our use of the word "country" bothers you, then feel free to
> substitute it with something like "geographical area" or "language"
> or whatever. It's just a convenient word to use that describes the
> vast majority of these sites."
> =====
> You can see that this is just the last part of your original disclaimer
> but shorter :-)
> If only that text appears we could translate is as is with less problems
> as saying that "Basque are political minefields" would hurt many people
> honor and we would like to avoid that.
> It would be a political position translating or not translating the
> original text and as we only want to have a Spanish version without any
> political meaning we would likeyou to make a more "neutral" text.

While I am sensitive to your concerns and I do see where you are coming 
from, I still disagree with shortening the disclaimer.  It is as verbose as 
it is specifically because I don't want any misinterpretations on what the 
KDE policy is.  The first two paragraphs are needed to clarify that we ARE 
aware that those areas are politically tricky.  If the paragraphs were not 
there, then we would still get the emails since the writer would assume 
that we just didn't know the facts.

If you object to the term "political minefield".. well, I can see that.  If 
you can think of a less "war-like" way of writing the first paragraph, let 
me know.
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