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Jaime Robles jaime at kde.org
Mon Aug 19 18:06:52 UTC 2002

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El Lun 12 Ago 2002 18:40, Kurt Granroth escribió:
Hello again Kurt,
As you can see this email goes to:
Webmaster -> because the mail is about the web
You and Matthias as "Primary KDE's contacts"
And the KDE-ES mailing list as many of the "affected".

As I told you some days ago we have been speaking about the email subject for 
some days in the KDE-ES mailing list.

Maybe you can't understand the importance of our suggestions but it would be 
very apreciated think about those as it is very difficult the Spanish (from 
Spain) situation that the original KDE page brings to us.

First of all we would like to propose the next text for 

This page provides access to a number of specific KDE web pages in different 
languages, countries or regional areas. The idea is to collect useful 
information concerning the usage of KDE for specific communities, status of 
translations, suggested settings for such users, and similar issues. 

These pages are not mirrors of KDE.org and KDE is not responsible for their 
content. If you are looking for mirrors in a country closer to yours, check 
out the Web Mirrors page. 

These pages also are not necessarily involved in the KDE translation or 
localization efforts. Please see the i18n.kde.org website for more 
information on this topic. 

If you would like to contribute pages tailored to your country contact the 
KDE.org webmaster

Our proposal also needs the "*" from the flags and the "disclaimer" to be 
deleted from the page.

And know the thoughts that make us to ask for the change:

* The change does not changes the page's content as it includes the foot note 
in the main text and it says "KDE is not responsible for their 
content" a thing that is important.

* In our proposal there are not "*" that causes more problems than solves.

* In the main text it is said "...different languages, countries or regional 
areas" so KDE does not make any political comment and let the reader to make 
his own interpretation so there wont be any misunderstanding.

KDE-ES is not only working with the effords of Spanish from Spain but also 
with people from Spanish speaking countries.

We hope you take on consideration our suggestions and we are waiting for your 

Many thanks in advance.

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Un saludo,
	Jaime Robles
	jaime at kde.org
	Coordinador KDE-es - KDE Spanish Translation Team
	http://www.kde.org/es  - http://es.i18n.kde.org
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