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Sun Apr 8 08:02:54 UTC 2018

Following up to myself:

On Mon, 2 Apr 2018 12:42:49 +0200
Thomas Friedrichsmeier <thomas.friedrichsmeier at>
> I'll also quiz you about two subsequent problems though:
> 1. For some reason in the install stage of rkward, files end up in
> /IMAGEDIR/CRAFTROOT/ instead of just /IMAGEDIR. I.e. I have files
> going
> to /Users/thomas/kde/build/extragear/rkward/image-RelWithDebInfo-master/Users/thomas/kde/Applications/KDE/,
> etc. And then they get qmerged with the extra path, too, of course.
> Did anybody run into a similar problem, before?

This one went away, after fixing a seemingly unrelated problem. (There
was an error in the middle of cmake install, _but_ cmake install seemed
to carry on, happily, _but_ it then apparently did not get to the point
of fixing up the installation path).

> 2. libz in QtNetwork and QtCore (possibly in more frameworks than
> that) does not have path information, and cannot be found when running
> from libexec. Fixing it up of install_name_tool allows our backend
> binary to start from libexec.

This one is still an issue, although easy enough to work around.

Now trying to figure out how to fix our packaging stage...


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