Binary factory for RKWard

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Mon Apr 2 10:42:49 UTC 2018


On Tue, 27 Mar 2018 13:49:45 +0200
Hannah von Reth <vonreth at> wrote:
> A source compilation would probably got to libs.
> Yes the binary would go to
> binary/_mac/r-base/
> make sure to create the correct info.ini in that folder.

Ok, thanks. I have now created a binary installer for r-base on mac.
That seems to work ok so far, and should at least enable the rkward
build to complete on Mac. However the binary factory does not seem to
attempt to install r-base at all. Does it need a manual trigger for
that? Or is binary still blacklisted, perhaps?

I'll also quiz you about two subsequent problems though:

1. For some reason in the install stage of rkward, files end up in
/IMAGEDIR/CRAFTROOT/ instead of just /IMAGEDIR. I.e. I have files going
to /Users/thomas/kde/build/extragear/rkward/image-RelWithDebInfo-master/Users/thomas/kde/Applications/KDE/,
etc. And then they get qmerged with the extra path, too, of course. Did
anybody run into a similar problem, before?

2. libz in QtNetwork and QtCore (possibly in more frameworks than
that) does not have path information, and cannot be found when running
from libexec. Fixing it up of install_name_tool allows our backend
binary to start from libexec.

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