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Sat Aug 31 01:25:35 UTC 2013

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On 27.07.2013 01:49, Patrick Spendrin wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> for the upcoming 4.11 release of KDE, I made a new branch in 
> emerge. New way of merging is now: - from kde-4.10 to kde-4.11 to 
> master - from kde-4.11 to master
> I will try to get a 4.11.0 release out this time, simply because 
> there will be some personal off-time beginning end of this year.
> regards, Patrick

Hi Patrick,
Like last time I'd like to help getting the packages out and just
re-set my kderoot to start from scratch.
It turned out, that starting clean was a good idea since some URLs and
versions were not up-to-date any more. I'm now going through the main
packages first and try to commit fixes if needed.

Is there a new dashboard for the 4.11 branch, too? Last one I knew of was:

If you take some off-time at the end of this year, is there someone
else who can continue creating the packages?
- -> How much is this process automated?
- -> Is there a wiki page for how to create a new release?
- -> Has someone else the rights to upload packages?

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