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Sat Nov 19 08:03:08 UTC 2011

Am 19.11.2011 00:43, schrieb Pau Garcia i Quiles:
> On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 10:25 AM, Ralf Habacker
> <ralf.habacker at>  wrote:
>>> Last year people were very interested in KDE on Windows and one of the
>>> post-event conclusions was it would be nice to have CDs with KDE on
>>> Windows to give to attendants (i. e. instead of downloading
>>> everything, distribute it in a CD).
>>> Crazy me, I was thinking maybe we could take advantage of the 45-day
>>> grace period for activation Microsoft offers and maybe create a live
>>> CD with KDE on Windows. If we could replace Aero with Plasma, so that
>>> it looks like "KDE with a Windows kernel", even better.  I have not
>>> really conducted much research into this (especially on the licensing
>>> issues) but, what do you think?
>> Sounds good.
>> Technical speeking to distribute  KDE on a CD do not requiry very much
>> efforts: Download and install a full release, write a simple executable or
>> batch file which inits kde and starts the desktop and one to shutdown kde.
>> Mastering could be done with an usb stick.
> Great.
> What do you think of the Live CD/DVD idea?
I do not know how much technical effort would be required to generate a 
windows live cd yet. From my personal windows and ms experience I would 
say that there are many issues to solve, technical and non technical. 
Think about required drivers for graphics and network drivers and so on, 
which have to be available on the live cd.

An additional important question is: Is this the way we like to go ?  Do 
we like to propagate the windows os to linux users instead of 
propagation kde application to present windows users ?

Present windows user do not need a live cd, they only need a kde 
installation. To show kde applications to linux users, applications on a 
pure iso cd could be started under wine.  In fact winetricks, the wine 
application installer, supports already kdewin net installer since a few 

To be able to use kde applications on a given linux distribution, a 
dedicated install script or rpm/dpkg/other package on the cd may install 
wine if not present and installs/link kde applications into this wine 
installation. Because kdewin-installer is able to install kde 
application from a local source, it could be used to install kde apps 
from cd.

This lead to an additional option: Create a kde based linux live cd 
having an iso part containing windows kde packages or installation. This 
would have the benefit to show windows users the goodness of kde 
installations and optional the same one on a real linux system.
>> What kind of amount you are thinking of ? Who will make the cd label and
>> burn the cd's ?
>> We have not discussed that yet (we only got confirmation for the room
>> 5 days ago) but it's a good moment to start :-)
>> There are about 5,000 visitors to FOSDEM every year. To make an
>> estimate of how many CDs to burn, we could ask distributions (Kubuntu,
>> Fedora, Suse).
>> As for designing the CD label and burning the CDs, it really depends
>> on how many we are going to burn and how many people are going to burn
>> CDs.
>> If we burn only a few tens per person (<  50), maybe we could "print"
>> the logo on the CD using LightScribe. That means the logo has to look
>> good in black and white. LightScribe is quite slow (at least it was,
>> the last time I used it years ago).
>> If we want a color logo and/or a single person has to burn a few
>> hundred CDs, then LightScribe is too slow. Stickers would be it.
yes, to give you a compare: On linuxtag 2003 there has been shared 5000 
knoppix live cd's with kde cygwin for windows user on it.


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