Why does windows.kde.org claim KDE includes Konsole?

Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at gmx.de
Wed Jun 29 01:26:18 CEST 2011

Am 28.06.2011 07:52, schrieb John McCabe-Dansted:
> This release appears to claim that KDE includes Konsole:
> "July 2nd, 2009 : First release candidate of KDE 4.3 for Windows available
> The KDE on Windows team today announced the immediate availability of
> the first release candidate for the upcoming 4.3 release series. This
> release also provides some snapshots of unstable applications:
> Konsole, ..."
>   --  http://windows.kde.org/news.php

The important word here is "snapshot" :-/

> Just in case anyone thought that was a typo:
> "May 9th, 2010 : KDE Software Compilation 4.4.1 for Windows available
> The KDE on Windows team today has released an update to the 4.4 series
> of our Software Compilation. Among other improvements, this update
> includes a fix for KMail hanging when sending emails that just missed
> the deadline for 4.4.0 and a number of fixes in many gearheads'
> favorite terminal emulator, Konsole ..."
> However I can't find Konsole.exe anywhere, and whenever anyone asks on
> a KDE mailing list where it is, it is claimed that it does not exist.
> So I am confused, what are the press releases talking about?

You can find it in those two old releases, I am sure.

> P.S. I am currently using Console2, but even apparently trivial things
> like the "Maximise" button don't work. Presumably this is because
> Console2 needs to wrap the Win32 Console to be able access cmd.exe,
> and the Win32 Console is really weird and not in a good way.

exactly the same problems must get solved with konsole.

> It would be nice to have a powerful terminal to run
> /cygwin/bin/{dash,bash,ssh} etc. without having to deal with Win32
> Console related bugs. Something like lxterminal.exe from Cygwin, but
>that doesn't need X11. I guess hooking into Cygwin ptys may require
> linking against cygwin.dll, which comes with problems of its own.

linking against cygwin is more or less forbidden for us (you can't
really mix non-cygwin and cygwin apps). You can always run the cygwin
bash inside console2 (and maybe also in future versions of konsole).

One of the reasons why Konsole is not ported, is that normally nobody
*really* needs it. Cmd.exe just looks ugly, but it would work in pretty
much the same way. Also, the problems that occur are to far from
trivial. I always thought that the last big issue must be right around
the corner for Konsole, but each new issue I found when porting was even
bigger than the one before... :-(


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