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Thu Jan 28 19:25:23 CET 2010

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John Layt schrieb:
> On Wednesday 27 January 2010 16:09:31 Patrick Spendrin wrote:
>> - look around for parts of KDE that need special treatment on Windows.
>> Examples would be: "port Konsole to Windows similar to what console2 is
>> doing", "implementing more stuff in the wmi backend, e.g. power supply
>> support" and similar projects. If you have found some things you could
>> work on, simply ask us whether this could be ok.
> One idea I could suggest is an overhaul of KLocale to use the localization 
> settings on each host platform using pluggable backends (Windows, OSX, Gnome, 
> POSIX, etc).  This would involve identifying which localization options should 
> be using the host config, which should still use the KDE config, writing the 
> backends for each platform, and dynamically modifying System Settings to 
> disable those settings taken from the current host.
> This may not be large enough for a GSOC project on it's own, but could be 
> grouped with other integration tasks, perhaps looking at integrating System 
> Settings into the host's native control panel instead of as a separate app.
Well, systemsettings can already be included in the native control
panel. I also think that a proper GSoC would need to broaden the look a
bit and work generally on system integration then.
> John.


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