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On Montag, 20. Oktober 2008, doom angel wrote:
> Sorry, my english are bad

No problem, most of us are non-native speakers.
And even with perfect English, most people would need to 
describe in more detail what they mean once they address technology needs. ;)

> I have created a small program that changes the default icons of windows
> vista to the ones from the oxygen project, additionally it also adds the
> KDE 4 Wallpapers. 

Sounds cool!

> It would be nice if along with these visual elements of 
> KDE 4 i could add some applications as well, like i told many time the
> dolphin, so my question is, what is the minimum set of files that needed by
> dolphin to get it to work without installing the entire package?the same
> about amarok or konqueror.
> For example, we need 1.dll and 2.dll to registered and be install in the
> same folder with dolphin executable.

Good question, I am not sure anyone directly knows the answer, though.
(At least I do not know and we are building a Kontact only installer.
Currently we just packages almost everything.)

Possibly this needs some experimentation. 
If you would want to help, the techbase wiki would be a good start to note 
down what would need to be done to find out.

Maybe somebody else has a better idea?

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