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Sorry, my english are bad

I have created a small program that changes the default icons of windows
vista to the ones from the oxygen project, additionally it also adds the KDE
4 Wallpapers. It would be nice if along with these visual elements of KDE 4
i could add some applications as well, like i told many time the dolphin, so
my question is, what is the minimum set of files that needed by dolphin to
get it to work without installing the entire package?the same about amarok
or konqueror.
For example, we need 1.dll and 2.dll to registered and be install in the
same folder with dolphin executable.
I hope i helped, thank you all for taking the time to respond to my noob

2008/10/20 Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at>

> On Montag, 20. Oktober 2008, doom angel wrote:
> > my programm is no commercial, free and open source, you could take a look
> > at
> >
> >3, so i would like through this common in windows world way, to transform
> > elements of the ui, to pass through some kde apps, like dolphin or
> > konqueror, and then the entire set of kde ofcourse. can this legally and
> > technically happen?
> Again in the general case:
> Answer the question: Is my result R derived from components A,B,C?
> If Yes for A and C, read the licenses for A and C and act accordingly. :)
> This sounds harder than it is (and you've asked. :) ).
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